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This recipe is for those that like their drink fruity but not sickly sweet.  It is an ideal party drink, especially during warmer seasons as the mint and lemon helps in making the drink very refreshing.

The ingredients for a raspberry polo are:

2 oz. Polo Club American Dry Gin
1oz. Simple Syrup (Sugar Water)
7-8 Fresh Raspberries
A handful of Mint
A squeeze of Lemon

To make the raspberry polo, you first need to take your stainless cocktail shaker and place some ice inside it.  Put 2 ounces of Polo Club Gin, 7-8 raspberries, a squeeze of lemon, a handful of mint, and 1 ounce of simple syrup inside the cocktail shaker.  Once all the ingredients are in, place the cover of the cocktail shaker and shake the content vigorously.  Shake it for about 8-10 times.  Also please check out to check out more ways on how to make the best gin cocktail in the world! The reason why you shake the content is to allow the content to take the temperature of the ice without necessarily having to get diluted as the span that the content touches the ice is very short.  Once the content has been fully shaken, remove the cover and strain contents into a glass.  Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your Raspberry Polo.